What makes you feel alive? A list of life-affirming, happy things

I’ve borrowed this idea from the wonderful post ‘what makes you come alive?’ by Cup of Jo. I adore her list of life’s little moments that fill her with joy, my favourite being ‘kids with chipped nail polish’! I’m a real advocate for appreciating the little things and Jo’s post really got me thinking about the small, simple and often overlooked details in the everyday that make life so sweet. So, here’s my list.

My first coffee of the day
The warmth of the sun on my skin
The tired, windswept + cosy feeling after a day by the sea
The smell of freshly cut grass
Sprawling on the sofa under a blanket on a lazy Sunday
Being with good friends and feeling completely content
Bird song
The pattern of seeds in a sunflower
When the cats lay on my belly
Forehead kisses
The smell of lavender
Seeing pieces of myself in my family members
Warm water on my neck as I slide down in to a bath
The excitement of reading a good book
The texture of a good chocolate brownie!
Having a new flower spring up on my orchid plants
Falling in love with a song
The sound of wind chimes
Fits of giggles with my brother – or anyone
Getting in to fresh bed sheets
The feeling of magic when you see a shooting star
The feeling of sand under my feet
Calm, slow, Saturday mornings
The smell of bonfires
Being in the sea and feeling removed from humanity for a while
Compliments from kind strangers

What’s makes you feel alive? Make your own list in your notes on your phone/journal and whenever you’re in need of a boost, be reminded of the wonderful things that warm your soul!

Love Siân x

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