The first is the worst

I’ve been putting off starting this blog for a long time. Perhaps because I’ve started so many of these little ventures before – previous blogs, a YouTube channel, an Etsy shop, various podcast series… Not forgetting ‘Sweet Beats Entertainment’, 18 year old Sian’s attempt to be a DJ! (I think I ended up doing 2 gigs and quit!). I always have some sort of little project on the go and more often than not, it ends before it even begins. These ideas, born from what was once passion and excitement, are now doomed to live out their days in the lonely, hidden corners of the internet.

With this in mind, I seem to have put a lot of pressure on myself in wanting to this time get it right. To start a blog, love and nourish it – and above all, keep it up. I used to have a blog ‘The Adventure that is Life’ which I stuck at for 2 years, that, in the book of ‘things Sian started and didn’t finish’, is an absolute record holder!

So with such a big want to get this right, I seem to have been facing the same pressure and sense of dread in writing this first post as that which you’d experience having to start an essay. With so many ideas and so much to write – where on EARTH do you begin?

I figured the first step is to just write. So hi, hello – here is me starting a blog. I’m starting this with the intention of having a therapeutic, creative place to unjumble my life. Somewhere to write about my experiences, share my loves and perhaps even meet a few new people along the way. I read a lot of blogs and posts when I’m searching for advice – mostly, I find comfort in reading people’s articles that match my own experience and make me feel like I’m not alone.

And so that’s what I hope this becomes. An open diary, a spilling of thoughts and relatable stories that assures you we’re all on this crazy journey together!

So here’s to (another!) new venture.

Love, Siân x



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