My month in photos – September

Let’s start with the beautiful transition we’re having from Summer to Autumn. I am LOVING the hues of orange, blue skies and the piles of leaves scattered on the pavements. Though, I’m kind of done with the humid, sweaty journey to work! Shouldn’t it be cold already? We had a couple of real cold days at the end of August – scarf wearing days!!! – and I can’t wait for more of these so I can pull out my warm cosy jumpers and boots.

This month marked 5 months at my ‘new’ job but more impressively, Hogarth’s 10 year anniversary. Here’s the gorgeous view from the party! It was all fun and games until I fell asleep on the last train home (again) and had to call my mum and soon-to-be stepdad Simon to pick me up from Sittingbourne… A big shout out to you two for being so incredible always and for not shouting at me for being a drunken mess O:)

Note to self: when there’s a free bar, EAT YOU IDIOT! 

Two things I fell in love with this month: this incredible satellite/moon-esque to-die-for lamp from Made that broke my heart when I looked at the price tag. And this scrumptious candle from TK Maxx bought as a gift for my lovely friend Latoya whose just moved away to study. Serious gift envy… it smells like HEAVEN and I was going to treat myself when I got paid but my rational money-saving brain wouldn’t allow it – I desperately need bikinis for our holiday. Plus 1) I can’t find it online (I think they’ve changed the branding) and 2) we’re all about Scentsy now. We just got some new scents including Breakfast Blend which makes our house smell like a Worther’s Original!!! 

Major milestone alert! I finished the huge art piece I was working on and it’s now sitting proudly above our sofa! After searching for almost a year for something to go on our living room wall, Jack suggested I paint something myself. I’ve never properly painted anything. Ever. But a quick Pinterest search got my creative juices flowing and I decided to try mandala dotting. I bought the canvas, paints and tools and then put it off for like 2 months – I had no idea where to start or whether I’d even be any good! Well, here’s the main takeaway people – put your mind to something, be persistent, be patient and you WILL get there. I’m so glad I stuck with this because now, every time I walk through my front door, I’m reminded that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. 

September’s been a great month for spending time with family and friends – we’ve had some hilarious evenings featuring our new favourite board game Balderdash. You’re given a bizarre word from the dictionary – that you’ve definitely never heard of before – and have to come up with the most absurd, out-there (whilst still being in the realms of realistic) definition you can think of with the aim of bluffing your way to the finish line. If someone choses your answer as the real definition, you get points! Safe to say, the more you drink, the more hilarious the definitions become and it always ends in fits of laughter! 

On the topic of spending time with family this month, we saw the Arctic Monkeys play the O2 arena! Though massively disappointing sound quality-wise, it was such a fun night! We had Sky Backstage, which allows you to access their VIP bar as well as get a complimentary hand massage, try out a VR headset, take photos with various celebs on a green screen and more. My favourite part was getting to read the news in their news studio and creating this fabulous GIF! Check it out if you’re a Sky user. Also, I love when a gig introduces you to a new band. The support, The Lemon Twigs, are now a regular on my Spotify.

On the day this photo was taken, I was having a bit of a crappy day. All I wanted was to get home and relax, so I was happy to see that the train before mine (that I’d missed) was delayed and I was able to get an earlier train home – winning! But I’d forgotten that this particular train doesn’t stop at my stop. Granted, it only stops 1 after mine but it’s still a longer walk that I just didn’t want to do. This unwanted little diversion however, led to a walk over the river and this sunset. The photo doesn’t do it justice and the colours had me walking home in awe. I felt full of joy at the pure beauty of it! The mood I was in suddenly seemed completely unnecessary and the sourness of my day was forgotten.

Sometimes, life gives us what we need and remember – an ‘inconvenience’ might not be so negative after all. 

Love, Siân x


Ps. This post is inspired by Caitylis’ lovely series ‘Sightings From’ where she posts pictures of her month and encourages other bloggers to do the same. Check out her blog as well as the other ‘Sightings from’ posts. It’s so interesting to see how peoples’ interpretations of September differ!

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  1. Madeleine Jewell
    14th October 2018 / 5:12 pm

    Great blog again. Always feel better after reading your postings.xx

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