My month in photos – October

*Puts on Bublé Christmas album…gets fresh batch of Mince Pies out the oven…puts Love Actually on*

Happy November everyone!! I am trying so hard to tone down my excitement but my Christmas cheer meter hits the roof earlier every year…As a result, October was so much fun and with all the excitement, I’ve found new energy. Here’s some of the things I got up to in the wonderful month of October:

October started with love. On Friday 5th I had the pleasure of photographing the Walters-Leatherbarrow wedding with one of my best friends. It was gorgeous, but photographing weddings are exceedingly stressful. The fear is overwhelming. You are the person in charge of documenting this special day forever. What if I miss the money shot? What if my camera stops working? What if I get home and the memory card is corrupt? Reality of the pressure grows in the weeks up to the big day – so much so that every time I’ve promised myself ‘never again’. But then the day begins and you snap away happily, chatting to guests, watching pure joy unfold and the fear turns to excitement.

It was a beautiful Autumnal day full of love and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. I spent much of my October sifting through the 4000+ photos we took and I still have a long way to go!

St James’ Park is my absolute favourite place to walk on my lunch break and this month they have a stunning outdoor exhibition called Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace and Reconciliation. It’s the final exhibition of a major series on WWI by photographer Mike St Maur Sheil. In his own words: 

“The exhibitions are based on photographs of the battlefields of the First World War as they are today. The theme has always been that time and nature have healed the wounds of war and reveal that what were once places of horror and killing have now become landscapes of beauty and tranquillity.”

It’s hard-hitting, emotional and somehow even more effective being set outside. I absolutely recommend – it’s on until Monday 19th November so you’ve got time to check it out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the photo booth with a WIND MACHINE! Our team got invited to the 20th birthday of a voice over agency we work with and free bar + photo booth is always a winner but throw in a ‘wind’ button? I’m having the time of my life! The next day, once I’d survived the hangover (cured only by a big, juicy Burger King) I saw Bat out of Hell with Jack’s family. Huuuugely recommend it – one of the best musicals I’ve seen! The stage/set is crazy impressive and their voices…honestly, their voices are something else. I was listening to Meatloaf non-stop for days after!

Back to my favourite park! This particular lunchtime wander the park was full of artists! Their easels were set up on every corner and it was a real treat to see such a mixture of artists capturing the scene in their own unique way. I had so much fun wandering around and peeking over their shoulders. 

A snap of the first time I left work and it was dark/the fairy lights were on in the trees! I love that Christmas lights are going up now – our local Asda already has a Christmas tree in the door way! Too early? Never too early I say 😉 I might already be crafting my Christmas playlist…

The last weekend of the month I had a fabulous day out with my now-teen brother, Alfie! He turned 13 on the 9th and I can’t quite believe how fast he’s growing up – we even have the same size feet now?! To close October, we went to see the matinee of School of Rock. It’s brilliant for kids and though I enjoyed it, it wasn’t in the same league as Bat out of Hell…the lead Jack Black figure kept getting really out of breathe, bless him! But Alfie laughed his head off and especially enjoyed the fact he got to see a front cover of PlayBoy magazine…

After, we ate at Spaghetti House in Covent Garden and even though it was lovely because I had wonderful company, seriously, I thought about ordering a smile with my linguine!! Our waitress was SO miserable and practically snatched the menu from my brother! At least his pizza was delish/my house wine was fab and I was in a good enough mood to look past it. All in all it was an amazing day with my gorgeous bro <3

What was your favourite moment of October?

Love, Siân x

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Ps. This post is inspired by Caitylis’ lovely series ‘Sightings From’ where she posts pictures of her month and encourages other bloggers to do the same. Check out her blog as well as the other ‘Sightings from’ posts. It’s so interesting to see how peoples’ interpretations of September differ!

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