My month in photos – January

I very much had the January blues. Long, dark days in the absence of fairy lights, festivities and the promise of Christmas hit me haaard. I hate the dreariness post-Christmas – going back to work, rediscovering normality and waiting for the slightest hint of Spring. Alas, I spent the whole of January searching for moments of beauty hoping to extend the magic a little while longer – and in fact, looking back over these photos, January had quite a few of those moments! Here’s my month in photos:

January was full of flowers! My best friends Carmen & Connor made us a stunning vase (out of a Prosecco bottle we enjoyed at a picnic in the summer!) for our engagement present. It’s decorated with tiny gold hearts, our names and the date we got engaged!! If I could only save a couple of things in a fire, this would be one of them…god forbid!!! I adore it and it fills me with enormous pleasure to fill it with flowers each week. My latest favourites are tulips 🌷

Stan looking majestic AF one sunny Sunday. It was the weekend of the full super blood moon thingy and I was feeling particularly rubbish so Jack and I stretched out on the sofa and watched ‘Brooklyn’. It is a FAB film if you haven’t seen it – even Jack enjoyed it! Me on the other hand, I love anything soppy, set in the 50’s and full of romance!

I’ve been exploring new routes on my lunch breaks recently, taking roads and directions I haven’t been down before. This graffiti was one of my new discoveries – I love the style! At first, the funky girl on the left was my favourite but after closer inspection, it’s got to be the guy on the right! He is ‘that Friday feeling’ personified. Live your best life like this guy 😂

Flowers are my favourite at the moment because they remind me of the imminent arrival of Spring! I’ve recently found a new park near my work and there are beautiful, bright purple flowers sprouting up everywhere, plus, the beginnings of daffodils! It warms my heart to think that it’ll be warmer and lighter soon! I can already smell the BBQ!

I walked past this the other day and it just seemed so perfectly set up, I had to take a photo! For a moment you could be anywhere…Paris or Italy or somewhere equally romantic! This thought alone got me thinking how familiarity can often mist our view – we can become so familiar with a place that it loses its charm and beauty. If you find yourself uninspired by your surroundings, remember there’s beauty everywhere – you just have to look for it!

Another January discovery now & a true game changer…but only for people on O2, sorry! The O2 priority app gives you a free coffee from Caffè Nero every Tuesday/Wednesday (choose one) and it’s become such a treat for me! I really look forward to switching off and watching the world go by as I scoop up my chocolate froth! Plus, FREE coffee is always welcome in my life. (Why do they even ask if you want chocolate on top? OF COURSE I want chocolate on top!!!)

2 for 1 mains at Pizza Express? Don’t mind if I do!!! Wine and giggles with Carmen always fills my soul to the brim! But this wasn’t just any normal catch up…I asked her to be my Maid of Honour and she said yes! ♥️ I can’t wait to start planning.

The first of a series of ridiculously cold mornings and as I stopped to photograph the first frost a bird photobombed my shot! I love the mix of colours and dramatic mist in the distance.

This was taken at ours on a wonderful Saturday celebrating Gemma & Sanna’s birthday! We ordered a load of pizzas, drank a truck load of prosecco, played games and watched too many Bob Ross videos!!! It’s our new favourite thing. I’d never heard of him before so if like me you’re new to the wonder of Bob Ross, YouTube him now! His painting skills are mental and it’s stupidly addictive and satisfying to watch.

We also got to try on our Bridesmaids dresses for the first time – before the pizza of course!! Carmen’s been sourcing dresses from eBay and dying them at her work! She’s done an incredible job…they honestly couldn’t be more perfect. We were sad to take them off  but it made me soooo excited for the wedding, eeeee!

The morning after the night before – Carmen, Connor, Jack and I made a fabulous full English to soak up the bubbles. Feeling a little worse for wear, I napped the afternoon away rising occasionally for more water to soothe the pounding!

There was a Saturday in January where I just felt magnificent! I walked in to Rochester, had a browse of the charity shops, bought some more tulips and sorted my wardrobe! I just felt so full that day because it was a day for me. No obligations, no plans, just whatever felt good. I took a selfie that day – I never take selfies!! – and I’m leaving it here as a lovely reminder because I aim to have more days like this in February.

How was your Jan?

Love Siân x

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  1. Jeanette Dentith-barnard
    8th February 2019 / 10:51 am

    lovely blog xxx

  2. Jane O'Donnell
    10th February 2019 / 7:42 pm

    Lovely positive blog Sian , with lots of food for thought.
    Thank you. Jane x

    • positivelysian
      10th February 2019 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you Jane! I’m so glad you think so. I really enjoyed writing this one so hope it resonates! Xx

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