My month in photos – February

It’s beyond mad that this month’s photos start with snow and end in the most glorious sunshine! What a bizarre month it’s been weather-wise here in the UK! Whilst wonderful and warm, it is worrying. I can’t help but fear the meaning of this premature taste of Summer…but hey, lets not start this post with global warming worries. Instead, let’s drink to forget our troubles and start with mulled wine!

Meet Connor!

The first Friday of February I had a wonderful day off. Jack and I were super productive and ticked off some of the housey bits on our to-do list that we’d been putting off – adult points! Then in the evening, I had a lovely catch-up with my friend Hannah over dough balls and a Sloppy Giuseppe. We ate at Pizza Express in Bluewater, where most of the restaurants are nestled away in various corners of the centre. Pizza Express is one of these restaurants, hidden away and most importantly for the next part of this story: windowless.

2 hours in to our food fest, Jack calls – “have you seen the weather?!”…Obviously, we hadn’t. We’d only been there 2 hours and in that time, a lovely blanket of snow had settled over Kent. Queue a mad dash to our cars and a scary – yet beautiful – white drive home. When I got back, our friends were over and Veronica made us some delicious mulled wine to drink in the snow! <3

This photo is from the most relaxing* evening I’ve had in ages. I had the house to myself and was intent on working on my February goals: to do more yoga, have more baths and spend time on me. It was AMAZING and I felt so calm the next morning. Plus, my heart rate even went down by a few BPM on my FitBit for the next few days!

*It was mega relaxing…except literally right after my bubble bath I blew out the candles on the window sill and somehow ended up with a face/eye covered in candle wax!!

Jack and I always ask for a Yo Sushi voucher for Christmas so we owe this lovely meal to Jack’s Nan! Thank you! This was taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon before we headed to The Huntsman to see our pal’s band The Grand Merci.

This month I FINALLY got to give Carmen some clues to what her Hen Do might be like! It’s fast approaching so the bridesmaids and I thought it only fair to give her a little taste of what’s to come. I got a gorgeous invite made on Etsy, plus I made a CD full of songs that hold clues about the day! She’s definitely sensing a theme in the music…it features songs such as Buffalo Soldier and Karma Chameleon but what does it mean?! Only time will tell…

These were some of the beautiful flowers outside The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers just before Valentine’s Day! I love the two-tone roses. Gardeners help me here, are they naturally like that or are they dyed? Anyone know?

Here’s another photo from our floral adventures! This is the dream Valentine’s bouquet, am I right? I’m such a sucker for red roses…Though I don’t think I’d have a vase big enough for these!!

This was taken on Valentine’s Day. AREN’T MY GRANDPARENTS THE CUTEST?!!! They took me for a lovely lunch at one of my favourite cafés – Foyles – and then I bought them back to the office to meet everyone and have a nosey!

February 17th – a beautiful, sunny Sunday celebrating my Grandad’s birthday. Nan and Grandad were staying at our family friend’s house in Victoria so it was the perfect opportunity to show them St James’ Park and visit the Queen! I walk around St James’ quite a bit in the summer on my lunch breaks and I always wish my family were there to experience it; the sun shines on the river giving it a dazzling sparkle and the birds wander next to you along the pathways – it’s my happy place and this particular Sunday, the weather was perfect for it!

After our walk, we grabbed some food and then went back to theirs for a few glasses of wine and carrot cake – my favourite!

More cake and wine!!! These photos were taken on my Mum’s surprise birthday day out. We had sparkling afternoon tea at Fleur de Thé in Rochester and then met my step mum for cocktails and card games at Playopolis, a board game café! We played Cards Against Humanity (of course) followed by some brill version of shakey Jenga – the blocks are sat on a vibrating block making it all the more wobbly! Saying that, we left feeling pretty wobbly too…

After Playopolis – our sides sore from laughing! – we headed to Olivers to meet Jack’s dad for a few more cocktails and well, it escalated veeeery quickly! Let’s just say my mum was on her way home by 8.30 when everyone else in Rochester was just starting their night! Jack and I stayed out, got a drunken Subway, had a boogie and then got McDonalds…because we had no recollection of the Subway until the next morning – oops!!

And finally, the end of February with its glorious sunshine! I’ve been reading a new book – Wild by Cheryl Strayed – and it’s just incredible. I’m enjoying it so much, not just the story but the escape that comes with being buried in a good book. I’d forgotten this feeling! It’s been divine walking to the park on my lunch breaks, sitting in the sun and cramming in as much of the story as possible.

This particular day, with my thumb ring sending tiny rainbows all over my page, an older couple started talking to me. ‘Interesting book?’ the man asked. He must’ve been in his 80s and had big, wispy grey hair with orange streaks and traditional Indian dress and beads. His wife was pretty, also in her 80s and moved slowly, unstable on her feet. I got the feeling they’d have been real adventurers in their day. He was Indian and had an obvious passion for its culture, telling me about their approach to life and that he knew I would like it there. He then offered to teach me the sitar! Apparently, in India they say “you don’t look for a sitar player, you bump in to one”. I took his email and I’ve been wondering whether to contact him ever since.

This curiosity was made even more potent by the fact that before settling on the bench with my book, I did a lap of the park and caught eyes with him. We smiled at each other as I continued on. On my next lap, his bench was the only one with a spare seat. One of my favourite books ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ says that if you catch eyes with someone in life – more than a quick glance – it’s because you’re supposed to talk to them. There’s something you can teach each other and it’s not a chance meeting…what do you think?

Love Siân x

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  1. Brendan Scott
    5th March 2019 / 11:32 am

    Lovely post as always😊 what’s a sitar prayer?

    • positivelysian
      5th March 2019 / 11:33 am

      Thank you Bren! ♥️ a sitar is a type of instrument! Imagine an Indian guitar!

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