Introduction: Who am I?

I thought I’d better do an obligatory ‘who am I?’ post so you can decide whether I’m the type of gal whose blog you’ll want to read. Here is the trailer from my YouTube channel – it’ll give you a little window in to my life and serves as a good introduction as to what I’m all about.

I’m 24 and I live in Rochester (Kent) with my boyfriend and our cat Stan. You’ll learn I am stupidly in love with both of them and I’ll most likely spam this blog with Stan pics because he’s 12/10 cute.

I work in Central London as an Audio Producer and I’m met with a blank expression 99% of the time I tell someone this. Put simply, I produce voice overs and music for telly adverts. I’ll write a lot about this and my journey to this point in my career as it was not easy and I’m FINALLY in a job where I don’t dread going to work.

I love music more than I can even describe. This is my biggest passion in the whole world and I will always, always want to talk music with you. I hope to share playlists and gig reviews on this blog as well as any little gems I’ve found lately.

Other things that make me happy and that will absolutely be found on this blog (eventually): holidaying, making videos, taking photos, catch ups over coffee/wine/cocktails, lazy Sundays with a takeaway, barbecues, food in general, any book by Nora Roberts, getting squished next to pugs on the tube, feeling sunkissed, a good workout, proper mint choc chip ice cream, woodland walks, yoga and Christmas.

Put all of those in a big potion with an added splash of love for cats/nachos and you get me! Wonderful to meet you 🙂

Love, Siân x



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