Christmas Gifts that’ll get you serious brownie points

I won’t lie, one of my favourite things about Christmas is the presents. Not the receiving of them though, the buying!!!! I adore buying things for the people I love and anticipating the smile it’ll leave on their face. However, not everyone is a Christmas elf like me and the idea of Christmas shopping leaves some in a sweat. Well, if that’s you – never fear! Here’s a collection of amazing (well, I think so) presents to inspire you that’ll be SURE to win you the Best Present trophy.

*Disclaimer* Before we begin let me make clear that I have absolutely not been endorsed to advertise any of these products or sites in any way. Let’s be honest, I don’t get enough readers for that!! It’s worth noting that I do not own all of these photos nor do I have a pay-per-click system set up on this site. All rights go to their respective owners.

Now, on to the festivities…

For the record collector

Personalised walnut record divider £10Vinyl cleaning kit £20

These are perfect for the record collecting music lover in your life! I think these dividers are such a good idea and are perfect for people like me who have absolutely zero organisation to their collection but would love some. Same goes for the cleaning kit – I’m ashamed to say that my records aren’t pampered at all. A quick wipe with a bit of kitchen roll is all I have time for! Both of these are the type of thing you wouldn’t buy for yourself as they’re definitely a luxury more than a necessity, which makes them the perfect thoughtful – yet useful – gift.

For the green-fingered

Personalised wooden pot planter £21.99 | DIY terrarium kit £11.45+

How gorgeous are these planters? A personalised gift is always a winner in my eyes and I love that you don’t have to pay extra to personalise the aluminium strip on these. A brilliant addition to any windowsill I reckon.

I’ve been wanting to build a terrarium for ages! Not only can you design your own mini garden but if (like me) you’re a bit crap at keeping plants alive, these are pretty much self-sufficient! There are tonnes of kits online and prices vary depending on how extravagant you want the terrarium to be. I think these are a fab gift for a couple and gives them something to build together.

For the lush

Personalised carafe with oak stopper £37 | Peanut butter and Jam bourbon £39.99

These are a tad on the pricey side but hey, can you put a price on those brilliantly messy, drunken nights? I’m not a fan of bourbon but peanut butter and jam is a winning combo so I’d absolutely give this a go! Firefox (the website this is from) has some really unique bottles of poison so have a little look – my personal favourite is the unicorn gin complete with SPARKLES(!!!!) and also miraculously doesn’t give me a hangover. Please no one take this as a hint and buy me some unicorn gin for Christmas. I have a love/hate relationship with gin and right now it’s hate!!

For the artsy

Architectural Model Cherry Blossom £13.99 – other designs available!

I saw this in one of my fav shops to wander – Magma. It has the most random, wacky, perfect gifts and every time I visit I want to buy everything! I think these architectural models would make killer stocking fillers. There’s lots of designs available and as you can see, they come flat packed so you have to build it yourself! Fiddly yeah, but how satisfying would it be to finish one of these? The shop displayed them in little perspex boxes and I love the idea of displaying these knowing you put it together yourself. A super cool gift for a unique pal.

Botanical page by page lamp £29.99 | Flower page by page lamp £29.99

Another find from Magma – I think these are total genius!!! Interchangeable lamps in either floral or botanical designs. The ‘flower pot’/lamp stays put, just flick the page over and you have yourself a new design! I think these are just beautiful and such a unique talking point to have in your home! 

For the photographer

Instax mini 9 with film £71

This is a main present kinda present definitely. Pricey but so worth it. I cannot tell you how much I adore my Instax Mini. It’s the gift that keeps on giving because every little wait for your new photo to develop is as exciting as the first time. It’s the most gorgeous way to preserve memories and the element of uncertainty (that you don’t get with a phone because you can take another and another and another) is all part of the fun! This is the perfect gift for literally anyone who adores making and keeping memories.

And there you have it! A sure-to-succeed gift guide that’ll have you sorted this Christmas! Let me know your favourite gift by leaving me a little comment 🙂 Plus, let me know what you’re hoping Santa will bring you this year! I’m hoping for a pug…..

Love, Siân x


  1. Madeleine Jewell
    19th November 2018 / 7:12 pm

    Great gift ideas. Xx

  2. suzannesuzyq262
    19th November 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Cracking me up… basically your Christmas wish list 😉 xx

    • lovesian
      19th November 2018 / 7:28 pm

      Not intentionally 😂😂😂😂xx

  3. Brendan Scott
    22nd November 2018 / 4:50 pm

    these are defo hints to you secret Santa hahah x

    • lovesian
      22nd November 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Hahaha never thought of that 😂😂 nah I’ll have Tid and end up with the dreaded box….. x

  4. Jeanette Dentith-Barnard
    12th December 2018 / 12:43 pm

    loved the Christmas present ideas( I’m a bit late reading this one!) & also loved the Lanzarote vlog so so funny! you always make me smile XXX

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